Posted on 21-Feb-2019

Pumphouse Fitness Inc

8 Things to Stop Doing When You Wake Up In The Morning

1. Checking social media

There are no healthy positions for your body to lay in bed an extra 20 min and stare at your phone.

2. Eating unhealthy breakfast

Food is fuel. Fuel Your body proper. For general health eating a high protein and moderate fat breakfast can reduce anxiety/stress throughout the day.

3. Hitting the snooze button

Hitting the snooze button is psychologically giving up on your first task of the day. set an alarm with a purpose and get up.

4. Complaining

Dont Complain that you're tired, or that its early. try staying positive or listen to something positive as you get up to get your day going.

5. Cleaning up your space
Try cleaning up your work space and living space when your done the previous day! sets you up to be productive and efficient the next day.

6. Planning your day

Write down tasks and apts and grocery lists. this helps cut down time wasting and helps you be more productive

7. Starting your day with bad news

Dont go watch your news app or turn on the news an have the first things you see in the morning be negative. instead, listen to an audiobook, podcast, read a book or just find something that you know is a positive thing.

8. Waking up at inconsistent times

Try to stay consistent with sleep schedule. yes it is ok to sleep in but be aware of over sleeping to your schedule it may mess with your chemical balance and energy levels.
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