Posted on 26-Jun-2020

Pumphouse Fitness Inc

Your training journal is home base for your workout goals
Every athlete has big dreams, but how many have goals every time they step foot into the gym? Your workout log is more than just a record of how you have done in the past. It's a blueprint for the future. A high-performance log book includes not only the workouts you've completed but the ones to come—including your short term goals and objectives.
It can keep you more consistent
One of the biggest things athletes struggle with is lack of consistency. They bang out several workouts in a row at peak effort; then, the moment they aren't "feeling it," they drop off for a few days. The cycle restarts and repeats itself over and over again. Great athletes are not flash-in-the-pan great in practice. They make working out at a high level a habit. They don't allow how they feel on a particular day dictate the effort they give. They simply show up and do the work. The constant up-and-down is disappointing to watch. With a slightly better overall average effort, an athlete can get superior results over the course of a season. Recording your workouts won't fix all your motivation issues, but it will help you become more consistent.
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